Sunday, January 15, 2012

Computers January 18th, 2012


Today in Computers please complete the following:

1.  SILENTLY take Unit 4 Week 1 Treasures test.  Do you think we can get donuts TWO weeks in a row?  Do your best!

2.  Go to the following website HERE.  Read the article on "White," Albino-like Penguins.  On a lined piece of paper tell me FOUR things you learned from the article.  Hand this paper into Mrs. Strong.

3.  Take the POLL on the side of this blog.

4.  Play the game on this SITE until 11:35.  Then you may play any game in the "game" section of the blog.

Mrs. Wilson gave Will these hats for his birthday.  
Max and Will LOVE the Aliens from Toy Story.

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