Monday, December 26, 2011

Computers January 4th, 2012

Assignments for today:
1.  Take your Unit 3 Week 4 TREASURES test.
Please take your time - remember we are still trying to earn a FRIDAY TREAT.  We want everyone to get in the green or the blue. 
2.  Read the news article HERE and then on lined paper write me THREE or MORE sentences about what the news article was about.  Hand your paper into Mrs. Strong with your name on it when you are done.  This will be a grade, show neatness and GREAT effort.
3.  Take the POLL on the RIGHT side of this BLOG.
4.  Using the GAME tab - you may play any of the games listed on that page.  I will add more games as the year goes on, but for now you may ONLY play those.

Please make sure you are not talking until everyone is done their test!  Thank you!

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